“Celebrating our Troops, Veterans, and the American Way of Life.”

The mission of the AWF is to provide entertainment, mentorship and training services to all current and aspiring military members during any phase of service; pre-active and post- service.

American Warrior Military Mentorship / Training Mission

Our mission is to provide an introduction to the Military training environment, with screened U.S. Military Veterans as coaches and trainers. We aim to encourage and prepare individuals interested in learning more about Military service, as well as those already in the pipeline to become service members.

Why We Exist

With only 30% of high school students currently qualified to join the U.S. Military, we’re facing a known national security risk. Without qualified potential recruits in its ranks, recruiting efforts will inevitably suffer. More effort is needed to reverse this trend and increase the interest and talent pool of potential recruits. Therefore, we plan to build a comprehensive program that utilizes our company’s two pillars: Entertainment and Military/Veteran causes.

Our Training Program

Military Training

Our Training Program Consists of Three Main Components

Military Training And Customs

Areas include Marksmanship, Infantry Tactics, Fitness/Weight Loss, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Land Navigation, First Aid, and Leadership.


Areas of study include ASVAB, SAT/ACT Prep, and High School/College Tutoring

Morals, Ethics, and Community Service

We encourage individuals in our program to be active in their community. Examples include placing flags at the grave sites of Veterans, collecting food/clothing for the homeless, shoveling snow and getting groceries for the elderly, and more.

Our Impact On Recruiting Efforts

Our organization has the unique capacity to reach individuals through the world of entertainment, including initiatives such as live concerts, music education programs, gaming tournaments, sporting events, film programs, and various social media avenues. Our audience is then introduced to the basics of military service, utilizing the rigorous standards set by the U.S. Military and recruiters from each respective branch of service. Recruiters will be a large part of our events, with access to the individuals participating in our program.

Veterans and Active Military (when applicable) will also assist in the training. In addition to this amazing training, each individual will also receive complimentary tickets to entertaining, large-scale events to build excitement and boost morale

Additional Program Offerings

U.S. Naval Academy

We have a wide array of specific program offerings, including:

Training for Individuals Waiting to Attend Recruit Training

We will work closely with each Recruiter to fill in training gaps that each respective Recruiting Station may have. Attendance is not mandatory, however, these individuals will be encouraged to attend.

MOS Placement Assessment

Our program will assist individuals and Recruiters alike with basic MOS aptitude testing. Those interested in joining a certain branch/MOS will receive basic training/testing from an affiliated Veteran, which supports those looking to join Special Forces units.

Officer Training and Military/Naval/Air Force Academy Prep

Here, individuals will learn what it takes to gain entrance into our elite Service Academies.

Second Chance Program/Waivers

Individuals with a negative legal history and Veterans with unfavorable re-enlistment codes are given a chance at redemption. By working closely with Recruiters on waivers that will cast the individual in a favorable light, the focus is to check off boxes and build a case for anyone committed to ``making it right.``

American Values and Tradition/Honor in Military Service

Participants will study the history and formation of our great country with a focus on U.S. Military history, pride, and patriotism.

Enrollment And Selection

Individuals will be reviewed by our team and selected on a case-by-case basis. Strong interest in Military service is a prerequisite.